Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Chemo & Radio therapy session - 1st Day

On 4/5/2009, I went to HUKM to sent my father for his chemo and radio (C&R) therapy session. He was admitted to the Oncology Ward (Bed 21). So..this is the beginning..

The doctor came for the first time..check here and father's blood has been taken before the C&R session..after everything has been mother and I had decided to go back home for a while to take some stuff.. my father has to wait for his turn for the chemo session...

In the evening, we come back to father tengah dimasukkan darah..and he look so tired..some affection from the C&R session..after some time we have to go back because I have to fetch my baby from the nursery..maklum la..sekarang jadi "ibu tinggal" everything I have to do on my own..

Just to share the meaning of chemotherapy and radiotherapy..

Chemotherapy, in its most general sense, refers to treatment of disease by chemicals[1] that kill cells, both good and bad, but specifically those of micro-organisms or cancer. In popular usage, it will usually refer to antineoplastic drugs used to treat cancer or the combination of these drugs into a cytotoxic standardized treatment regimen.

Radiation therapy (also radiotherapy or radiation oncology) is the medical use of ionizing radiation as part of cancer treatment to control malignant cells (not to be confused with radiology, the use of radiation in medical imaging and diagnosis). Radiotherapy may be used for curative or adjuvant cancer treatment. It is used as palliative treatment (where cure is not possible and the aim is for local disease control or symptomatic relief) or as therapeutic treatment (where the therapy has survival benefit and it can be curative).

**source from Wikipedia..

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