Friday, April 10, 2009

Simulation Day

My parents is coming to KL for the simulation process in HUKM. On 7/4, we went to HUKM and we had arrived about 8:30 am.Even though the appointment is at 9:30, I'd decided to go straight to the Klinik Onkologi for the registration. After I'd paid the deposit, we go straight to Simulation Unit. Thank god! We are the first. After we are waiting about 5 min, my father went to the simulation room. The doctor said, it will takes about 30-45 minutes.

I'd decided to have my breakfast with my mother. My father had bought a nasi lemak before and I ate the nasi lemak inside my car. After I'd finished my nasi lemak, we went to the Simulation Unit and I saw my father is waiting for us. He had just finished the simulation process. After Q&A session with the doctor, we can go back. We have to wait another one month before my father can go for the radiotheraphy & chemotheraphy process.

Before we went back, we went to the hospital cafe to eat something lighter before lunch. After that, I'd decided to go to IKEA to spend time with my parents and also to buy a gift for my niece's wedding which will be held on 31/5/2009. After I bought the gift, I'd decided to buy some lauk from Restoran Baloh, Damansara Perdana for our lunch. It's not possible to have our lunch at that restaurant because it will be packed during lunch time and the difficult part, you will not get a parking space. After we had chosen our lauk, we went back to my house. Oh my god! I'm very tired. I need the power nap...ZZZZZZ

In the evening, my father said he wants to buy something. The Giant is very near to my I'd decided to go there only. After we bought our needs, we went back to fecth my baby from the nursery.

I'm really happy because I'd spent some time with my parents. I'll do my best to make them happy.

I can't wait for them to come again in another one month.. ;)

To understand your parents' love you must raise children yourself.

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