Friday, April 24, 2009

Counting the days..

Hmmm...I hate waiting.. 2 things I've been waiting this exam result and also my father's treatment day.. when is my exam result will be out? when is my father's treatment going to start? I'm counting the days..berdebar2 rasenye..

In our's impossible if we are not waiting for anything @ something..for example..waiting for someone who's going to propose.waiting for the day to tie the knot..waiting for the baby to come to the world..waiting..and waiting..the examples I'd gave just now..I've been through for the past few years..and it's really exciting..I'm sure all of u out there is in waiting mode..

Nothing much I can say..just to share the's waiting..and counting..tetiba teringat lak lagu Kris Dayanti yg bertajuk Menghitung Hari..antara bait2 liriknya adalah seperti berikut:

"Menghitung hari..
Detik demi detik..
Masa kunanti..apakan daya
Jalan cerita kisah yang panjang
Menghitung hari....."

"Waiting is Persecution"

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