Friday, April 3, 2009

Exam day

The day is 2day..after all the efforts..I'd sat for the exam..the exam is just to give you the certification as a tester..once u'd passed the exam..u can demand for the higher salary..because u are a certified tester..let me tell you what happen 2day..

The exam venue is at Prince Hotel and Residence, Jalan Conlay (near Pavillion)..I went there by using the public transport..the monorail..OMG! After some time I did not use the public's really many people..."berhimpit macam sardin"..lucky the journey only takes about less than 10 minutes..I'd parked my car at Tun Sambathan station..and took the monorail to Raja Chulan station..after that I've to walk to the hotel..which takes me another 10 minutes. When I'd entered the hotel lobby, I'm going straight to the Prince 6 and Prince 7 room where the exam will be held...I saw so many people in that room and I saw one of my collegue..we sat next to each other and just discuss whatever we can think of..We had a cup of coffee..and waiting for the exam to get started..

The proctor had explained briefly regarding the rules and regulation..we have 90 minutes to aswer the 40 questions..after she had distributed the answer sheet and also the question sheet..once the envelope had opened and when I saw the question, I got frustrated..all the questions are analysis question which you have to analyse the case study before you can choose the answer..OMG! Why is it like that? "Soalan yang tak tercapai dek akal"..I'd done at my level best to answer all the questions..and thank god..I'd managed to answer all questions completely but I don't know whether the answer is correct or wrong..sooo...we just wait and see..the result will come out within 2 weeks..

Hopefully, I can pass the exam..Frenz! Please pray for me..

"To guarantee success, act as if it were impossible to fail."
Dorothea Brande

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