Friday, June 3, 2011

Happy World Milk Day 2011

Hmmmm..what a surprise?? we have world milk day which is celebrated on 1st June every year..How come I didn't know about it until i came across to google search during my blog walking this morning.. for more details on world milk may refer to this website..
..from now on we have to mark our calendar..1st June is world milk day..

For me, myself..I have a story in drinking milk..when I was a kid, my mother will use a milk from a can to mix with day..when i was drinking the drink.. i feel like something is inside my mouth..when i try to spit it was an ant..OMG!!! I felt really "geli" you know..and from that moment..i'd promised to myself i will never ever drink milk anymore..can u believe it? because of that little tiny thing..i didn't take milk for a long time..what i can remember, i start to drink milk when i was a college student until now..but every time when i need to drink a drink with milk, i'll make sure that little tiny thing was not inside the drink..

One more thing..When I was a kid..I'd remembered one of the very old milk campaign aired on TV long time ago..when that kid said "Kita minum dulu!!" which means 'We drink first" the end of the commercial break..I really like it!!!

I am a mother of 2 children (3 years and 2 months old)..I'll make sure my 3 years child consume the milk twice a day..morning and evening..and for 2 months old baby..he will have the formula milk during the day and breast milk at night..

Come on guys..drink a glass of milk not only today..but everyday..

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