Monday, May 23, 2011

We had missed that thing..

Hmm...Almost one year I didn't update the blog..After the last entry..i got pregnant..that's why i'm not in the mood of writing anything in the blog..Within one year it's sooo many thing happen..What we had missed? to cut the story short...Checked this out...

24/9 & 5/10 - as usual, we are celebrating our birthdays together..
13/10/2010 - Ayah, you will be missed year already..but it is like yesterday you left us..
1/11/2010 - my sister had delivered her youngest baby..Nurfathini Sumayyah..
21/3/2011 - i had delivered my 2nd son..Ezhan Rakin
22/3/2011 - my mom in law go for Umrah
25/3/2011 - I went back to my home town in Kuantan for my confinement...

Here is my newborn..Ezhan Rakin..

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