Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Parking Survey @ LCCT

Hmmm...Last Sunday I went to LCCT to survey for the parking rate, place and also to add my newborn to the passenger list. I went there with my husband and children together with my brother in law family.

We went out from the house about 6:15pm from Sunway Damansara and we had arrived at LCCT about one hour later..7:20pm..

What we can see, there is a free parking space near Maybank but it's too far (i assume) from the departure/arrival hall. It's not possible for us to park there with all the kids.But if you want to take a risk, you may park your car illegally anywhere you can see every body park their cars. In our case, we will be "away" about 5 we won't take the risk..

My husband had taken a picture of the legal parking rate as shown below :

The parking charges will cost us about RM200++ for each car because our return flight will arrive after 12:00am.. for 2 will cost us about RM400+++..hmmm..we will decide on this later..

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