Monday, July 26, 2010

The gatherings..

Last Saturday (24/7/2010)..I'd attended 2 gatherings..

After Zohor, we went to Fae's house to visit her newborn..Nurdhini celebrate Zue's birthday..I'd ordered the tiramisu cupcake from zaida..
Here are the newborn and the cupcakes :

The picture is taken from

The picture is taken from

Credit goes to Faizah and Zaida..

We make a move to Putrajaya at about 4:15 to attend another gathering for the AIMIANs..the location is under Seri Saujana Bridge, Precinct 4..

What a great time we had in Putrajaya..I met Pn.Che Noliza after 13 the seniors and also my friends..This time, our gathering are "Potluck Picnic" style..ala2 santai gitu..I'd ordered prune steam cake also from we had a lot of variety food..cakes, fried mee/mee hoon, kuih, satay Kajang, cocktail, curry puff, etc..

No other words can be used to describe how happy we were..gossiping each's almost 10 years we were lost each other..can you imagine how much story we must update each other..TQ to FB for reuniting all of us and make our plan a reality..

Here are some pics taken by the professional photographer..

Credit goes to Nazlihasri, Hepi Go Laki (Azlan), Ali(Pn.Che's son), Khairul Norziana..for the beautiful and wonderful pics..

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