Thursday, July 8, 2010

My Husbands' Second Wife

After 3 years of our marriage, my husband had decided to make a new change in his life. He had fallen in love with "Nissan Sentra", "Honda Civic EG", "Honda Civic EJ" and "Anisah Hadi". For the first time, he has to choose "Perodua" or "Proton".

After he had done some research, survey, Q&A session..he had chosen "Perodua ALZA"..For me, it doesn't matter which type of car he had chosen as long as I am his 1st wife..hehehhe...

Let me introduce you to my husband's second wife..Perodua ALZA..(ours are medallion grey, not this color, this pic is juz a sample..)

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