Thursday, July 8, 2010

My Husbands' Dilemma

Alhamdulillah..thank you to Allah..after my husband had struggled for quite some time, he got offered to this new telco company. At the same time, he got another offer from oil & gas company. He's in dilemma. I'm trying to help him to choose the best offer. He had perform "solat istikharah" asking for guidance from Allah to make the decision.

My husband had chosen oil&gas company because the offer given is better than telco company.He had called the telco company to reject the offer but the telco company had encountered the new offer to my husband.My husband is in dilemma again..

I told my husband, "It's up to U, whatever U had decided we will support U 100%.."..Later, my husband told me that he is going to accept the offer from telco company..then I said "Great!!May Allah Bless Our Family"

Dear my husband,
Welcome to your new company..

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