Tuesday, July 21, 2009

My father's operation

On 14.07.2009 (Tuesday)..my father had his cancer removal operation..I can't go back to my hometown because at the same time I had to attend a course which is cannot be escaped.

The operation was started at 11:30am and it was finished at 6:30pm..which is almost 7 hours operation..what a major operation..

I can't focused on my courses since I'm praying for my father..my body is in the class but my soul is in Kuantan. I kept calling my family member to know the progress.

Alhamdulillah..at 6:45pm, I'd received a call from my sister in law and she said my father is in stable condition. But he still did not awake.

After Maghrib prayer I'd called them to find out whether my father is awake or not..and they said he's awake but cannot talk..but he's asking to have some water.. which is prohibited by the doctor..the doctor said my father cannot take anything after the operation..until they said so..

Oh no! Poor my father..I'm really2 sad to hear that..Whatever it is..it is for his benefit..

"Ya Allah! Kau sembuhkanlah ayahku...Amiin"

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