Friday, March 6, 2009

Panas, Panas, Panas

Hmmm..bila bercerita pasal panas ni..bukan cuaca je panas..hati pun boleh panas tau.. tak tau la nape 2-3 ari ni rase panas tu semacam je..hati la yg panas..cuaca sekarang sejuk je sebab ari-ari mesti hujan..there were a lot of hot cases, but let me tell you the hottest..

Mana tak panas..ada one of my client ni, she is calling me but at that time I was having my trial exam (internal), thus I just ignore her call. While I'm finishing my exam, my fren call me and ask me to read something on the computer..wahhh! she is having a chat with my client which is also her fren (not a close fren, really)..that client is asking her where am I..I just tell my fren to write that I'm having my trial exam..Suddenly, I saw one line which really make my blood pressure goes high, very you want to know what that client wrote? "That *&%$#@ lady is not answering my call" (sorry..I can't reveal the word..)..and when my fren said I'm having the exam, she said "Confirm fail"..and my blood pressure goes very very high.. so what I did..let me chat with her..and you know what..she's really surprise that I was there when she wrote that statement..she said that she knew that I was there that's why she's wrote that word on purpose, she said she wants to talk to me..OMG! it's nonsense...seeee...she'd tried to twist her word..oh! please! I'm not that s*u*i*d to believe her.. so people out there..please be careful while you were chatting with your your word..not your mouth..someone might get hot..

"Have a nice day"

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